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Measuring height and length

This week in maths we have been measuring height and length. First we thought about the different between height and length and then practised using key vocabulary to compare lengths and heights including: longer, shorter, taller, longest, shortest, tallest. Next we used different non-standard units of measurement, such as cubes, paper clips and even our hands and feet, to measure different items around the classroom.

Finally we used rulers to measure the length of objects using centimetres. We had to remember to line the end of the ruler up carefully with the end of the object before we checked to see how many cms long it was.

I wonder if you can do any more measuring at home? What could you use to help you to measure?

Stormy Seas Dance

To launch our new topic all about Life Savers, we learnt about the courageous actions of a young woman called Grace Darling. In 1838, she spotted a ship that had crashed on the rocks near the lighthouse where she lived with her parents. We discovered that she set out in a tiny boat with her father in the raging storm to rescue the survivors.

We watched videos of the ocean and then used to dance to respond, thinking about how we could move our bodies in different ways to represent the waves and movement of the water. We started off as a calm sea and then changed our movement to reflect the dramatic waves and lightening of a stormy sea.

Next we worked in groups as Team Ant, collaborating and imitating each other’s moves, to create a lighthouse with rocks and flashing lights. Then we used dance to represent our learning about Grace Darling and her daring rescue.

Finally we put the different parts of our dance together as a whole class.

The Great Fire of London

On Monday we decided to celebrate the end of our topic by recreating the Great Fire of London in our playground! We used the houses that we had made in DT to set out some of the streets of London outside. Then we watched as the fire started and then spread between the houses, just like in the real events of 1666. It was amazing to see our learning brought to life and we really enjoyed singing London’s Burning and watching the flames spread. A few of the houses survive, just like in the real Great Fire of London.

Finishing our model houses

This week we have finished making our 17th century houses. We used brown paint to add on the wooden beams, then used paper and cardboard to add windows and doors. Some of us chose to use straw for the roof whilst others used paper or paint.

Here are some of our finished products. We are very excited to use them to recreate the Great Fire of London on Monday!

Making 17th century houses

As part of our topic, the Great Fire of London, we designed and have started to make our own 17th century houses. To start with we looked at lots of pictures of houses from London from before the fire, discussing the materials that they were built from. Then we drew a picture of our designs, thinking about what we would use to create each part.

To creat3 our houses we first watched the teacher model the technique and then imitated this ourselves, helping each other and sharing tips. First we created roofs and the used papier-mâché to strengthen the boxes and create a more textured surface. We got very messy, ripping pieces of newspaper and applying them to the box with a mixture of PVA glue and water.

Next, once the boxes had dried, we painted them with a base coat of white. Next week we will paint on brown beams and add doors and windows.

Baking Bread

After learning that the Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane, we decided to bake our own bread. First we identified the ingredients we were going to use: flour, yeast, oil, warm water and salt. Next we measured out the ingredients and then kneaded our own rolls. After that we shaped our dough into balls before the rolls were baked and we finally got to enjoy our delicious bread!

Anti-bullying picket

On Friday, as part of anti-bullying week and Children in Need day, the whole school took part in an anti-bullying picket. In 1HM we made posters celebrating our difference and individual beauty and then came up with a chant: ‘We are all special, we are all unique.‘ Here are some photos of us making the posters:

Then we took our posters outside and joined in the picket with the other classes, chanting and marching with lots of enthusiasm!

Our visit from Samuel Pepys.

As part of our learning about the Great Fire of London we received a visit from Samuel Pepys who told us lots about what life was like in London at the time of the fire and more about the events that occurred. He shared with us some of his thoughts that he had recorded in his secret diary and then gave some children the chance to dress up as key individuals, including the baker Thomas Farringer, whose bakery was where the fire started. We then sang London’s Burning whilst some children practised passing the bucket of water along the line. We learnt many interesting facts and definitely had lots of fun!

Year 1’s bonfire

On Friday, despite the rain, 1HM went outside to the fire pit to have our own mini bonfire. Not put off by the soggy start, we were able to observe how the fire moved, using some of the verbs that we had generated in our English lesson to describe the movement of the flames and smoke: such as drifting, flickering and dancing. We thought about the materials which were burning to create the fire – wood and paper, and discussed how they were flammable. We had all written our own messages on pieces of paper in the morning which started with the same opener ‘I can’t …’ finishing the sentence with something that we are currently finding difficult to do (such as doing up our top button or counting to 100). Then we burnt the pieces of paper to show how these sentences were not true. If we persevere like tough tortoise, it is only that we cannot do something yet, and soon we will overcome that challenge.

We also looked at what happened when the paper and wood burned – it was destroyed and gone forever, leading us to think about what happened to the houses during the Great Fire of London.