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Welcome to class 1HM at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Ms Miles, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Anti-bullying picket

On Friday, as part of anti-bullying week and Children in Need day, the whole school took part in an anti-bullying picket. In 1HM we made posters celebrating our difference and individual beauty and then came up with a chant: ‘We are all special, we are all unique.‘ Here are some photos of us making the posters:

Then we took our posters outside and joined in the picket with the other classes, chanting and marching with lots of enthusiasm!

Our visit from Samuel Pepys.

As part of our learning about the Great Fire of London we received a visit from Samuel Pepys who told us lots about what life was like in London at the time of the fire and more about the events that occurred. He shared with us some of his thoughts that he had recorded in his secret diary and then gave some children the chance to dress up as key individuals, including the baker Thomas Farringer, whose bakery was where the fire started. We then sang London’s Burning whilst some children practised passing the bucket of water along the line. We learnt many interesting facts and definitely had lots of fun!

Year 1’s bonfire

On Friday, despite the rain, 1HM went outside to the fire pit to have our own mini bonfire. Not put off by the soggy start, we were able to observe how the fire moved, using some of the verbs that we had generated in our English lesson to describe the movement of the flames and smoke: such as drifting, flickering and dancing. We thought about the materials which were burning to create the fire – wood and paper, and discussed how they were flammable. We had all written our own messages on pieces of paper in the morning which started with the same opener ‘I can’t …’ finishing the sentence with something that we are currently finding difficult to do (such as doing up our top button or counting to 100). Then we burnt the pieces of paper to show how these sentences were not true. If we persevere like tough tortoise, it is only that we cannot do something yet, and soon we will overcome that challenge.

We also looked at what happened when the paper and wood burned – it was destroyed and gone forever, leading us to think about what happened to the houses during the Great Fire of London.

Our trip to the library

Last Thursday, 1HM visited Moor Allerton library where we took part in a workshop all about traditional tales. We thought about some of the different characters, settings and story problems and resolutions that we knew already, then worked in groups to be authors, creating our own traditional tale. Once we had thought about the characters, setting and plot, we created the story using Lego. This required us to be team ant, working together by listening to each other and sharing ideas. It was lots of fun and we came up with some very imaginative stories!

Here are some photos from the trip:

Black History Week

This week as part of Black History Month we have been exploring the story Handa’s Surprise. It is set in a Kenyan village, all about a girl called Handa who takes seven delicious fruits to her friend Akeyo. On the way the fruit gets eaten by some cheeky animals, including an ostrich, an elephant and a giraffe. We retold the story on our class stage and made puppets to retell the story in the small world area. We also observed some of the fruit including a passion fruit, pineapple and mango and made observational drawings. We also used the fruit to print with paint onto fabric to create a colourful new dress for Handa. Some of us wrote our own version of the story and others wove baskets with colourful paper. Here are some photos of the different activities we got up to.

We then attended an assembly all about carnival. We learnt about the origins of carnival and why it is celebrated, before having a go at some dance moves ourselves!


We have reviewed our understanding of addition this week, using a range of different methods to solve the number sentences.
Can you solve the number sentence below?

What method did you use? Could you represent the number sentence using a part part whole model or a bar model?

Food tasting in 1HM

As part of our topic about the United Kingdom, we decided to explore some of the different food that each of the countries are known for. Groups of children from across the Year 1 classes worked with Mrs Walker to make scones from England, Welsh rarebit, Scottish oatcakes and soda bread from Northern Ireland. Pupils from 1HM made the soda bread. Here are some photos of the baking:

Then each class got the chance to try the different food. We shared our opinions and voted on our favourite – scones with jam and cream were a clear winner!

We are flourishing in 1HM!

We have been learning our school vision this week:

We believe that we flourish, when we are loved, when we learn, when we learn to love, and love to learn.

We explored what the word flourish meant. We thought about synonyms such as grow and develop, came up with our own meanings and drew a picture to represent our ideas. Lots of us found the idea of a plant growing and ‘blossoming’ from a seed, helpful in understanding what it meant. We practised acting out growing from a tiny seed into a beautiful flower, then putting our movements to music.

We belong to ACE!

Over the last 2 weeks we have been exploring our school value – belonging.

First we considered the different things we belonged to. We thought about how we belonged to our families, group of friends, different clubs, our school and our class. We then discussed what helped us to feel like we belong at Allerton. One of those things was belonging to one of the four houses: Turnberry, Birkdale, Wentworth, Sunningdale.

In our PE lesson we joined with our house members to take part in some team games. We had to really develop our colllaberation skills, thinking about how we could work like team ant to complete each challenge. We needed to listen to each other and imitate others actions, realising that when you belong to a group, good communication is key.